Traveling with Tori – November 2021

Tori taking a break in the island city of Capri, Italy.
Taking a break in the beautiful island city of Capri

Hey there!

What an amazing time I had in Italy. I love getting to know my partners even better- it makes things so much more personal when they are taking care of my clients while traveling. I visited regions and had experiences that were new to me. I fell in love with amazing properties and was lucky enough to have a few perfect days. 

I was teased that I must be opening a restaurant because I kept asking for recipes and was on the hunt for beautiful dishes. Little did they know I was trying to find a good recipe for my newsletter!

These trips definitely get me excited to design new itineraries and I am lucky enough to be working on a few for Italy for this summer! 

I hope you enjoy these cocktails as much as I did, I worked hard to get them! 

While visiting Portofino I enjoyed this amazing cocktail:

The Ava Gardner  
2,5cl London dry Gin
2cl raspberry liqueur
1,5cl orange liqueur
1,5cl fresh lemon juice
0,5cl sugar syrup
Dried raspberry powder

Shake the gin, raspberry liqueur, orange liqueur, and lemon juice together in a cocktail shaker. Place some dried raspberry powder into a flute and then pour in the mixture. Top up with chilled champagne.

While visiting Capri I enjoyed this family recipe:

1 kg of lemons -good luck finding something close to Amalfi lemons.
1 liter of alcohol ( Everclear)
800 g of sugar

Put lemon peel in the alcohol for 1 week, then filter it. Then boil 1 liter of water with the sugar, make it cold and mix it with the lemon infusion.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!


Tori Medeiros

“Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen”

-Coco Chanel

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